Whether you are a long-time patient or new to our office, we would love to hear from you. If you’ve had an experience at Michelle Keaney Flanagan, DMD that you would like to share with us or with others, please feel free to contact us.





Very efficient office. Dr. Keaney and her assistant are great with children. My son absolutely loves the office and all the neat things for kids there. He actually asked if we could go back tomorrow!
– Anonymous.

Would not being my child anywhere else…. My 2.5 year old loves Dr keaney’s office. It is so kid friendly with toys and rewards that little ones love. Dr Keaney and staff are wonderful with my daughter and use creative and gentle methods to provide care. Dr Keaney explains everything she is doing and provides a comprehensive report on my daughter’s oral health at check-ups. Location is super convenient also.
– Anonymous.

What an incredible practice. The office is in a convenient area, has parking, the office is brand spanking new, spotless, beautiful, and super kid oriented. Just in the waiting room there is an ipad station, oversized wooden wall puzzles, toys, books, and magazines for the adults. She also has screens mounted on the ceilings above her patient chairs to further please the kiddos. More importantly (to me at least) than all of the fancy bells and whistles though, is the doctor herself. She is so sweet, calm, and nurturing when she talks to her patients, is never rushed, always listens to them and treats them just as I would expect to be treated as an adult. Her assistant is incredibly lovely to “work with” as well. I truly can’t say enough good things about this doctor or her practice.
– Avery L.

Dr. Keaney was a perfect fir for our 2 year old daughter who had never been to a dentist. The office is fun and kid-friendly. There are lots of toys for children of all ages and Dr. Keaney is very warm and friendly. She made my daughter feel very comfortable. We were seen quickly and everything was smooth, efficient, and pleasant.
– Helen K.

My kids had an amazing dental visit yesterday (how often do you hear that?). The office space itself is fabulous – bright, open, welcoming, super-kid friendly, clean, and fun (the ipads in the waiting room and tvs in the exam rooms didn’t hurt!). Dr. Keaney and her assistant were absolutely wonderful – they were so warm, competent, and totally understand kids. They were patient and non-judgmental (with both kids as well as parents). It’s the small things that count (my 5 y/o son got a Hulk toothbrush, TMNT stickers, and a little ninja toy from the prize machine…. it’s like they know him!), and he is begging to go back as soon as possible. Even my 3 y/o (the worst dental patient in history, seriously) actually got in the chair, which by itself is nothing short of a miracle. But even more – she actually opened her mouth and let Dr. Keaney take a look and do a quick cleaning!! Just for comparison, at one appt (at a different dentist office), literally the entire waiting room sat and listened to her scream bloody, bloody murder nonstop for 15 minutes while the poor dentist just tried to get her to sit in the chair. So… thanks Dr. Keaney!! We are big fans and are totally coming back!! 🙂
– S.L.

Would recommend to every parent! Dr Keaney and her staff made our daughter who is 2 feel so comfortable. They were warm, fun and made it a wonderful first experience at the dentist!
– Madelyn S.

We had a wonderful experience today with Dr. Keaney. Rhys was very excited about it and his enthusiasm continue during and after the visit. Thank you!
– Anonymous

Dr. Keany is very calming, comforting, and warm with the kids. My 3.5 yr old said she now wants to go to the dentist everyday?
– Robert D

Awesome visit- can’t wait for our next 6 month appt!
– Anonymous

Premises are great for kids. Service is excellent. I totally recommend this place!!
– Anonymous

My children kept reiterating how I was the best mom and that they had hit the jackpot on this practice! They had the best experience and so much fun that they now love to go to the dentist! I loved it because Dr. Keaney is so gentle, kind and you can tell that she is a very experienced dentist. She did a great job cleaning their teeth and explaining everything to me very clearly. They are now telling their friends how great of a place and can’t wait to go back! Definitely the jackpot!
– Rebecca G.

Best dentist experience we have ever had in 8 years of my child’s life. The office is located in Ballston in a tall building. You have to park under the building in their garage ($6). The office is beautiful. It is very modern. Just enough toys to make it fun, but not look like a messy daycare! The dental hygienist was great! My child has major (almost clinical) anxiety, so dentist visits are always fearful for him. Both Dr. Kearney and Sara (hygienist) are so nice and calming that he did not experience much, if any anxiety. I was so pleased, I could cry. More about the place: They have a TV above the dental chair so kids can watch cartoons. They have all sorts of flavors for both teeth cleaning and fluoride. Dr. Kearney spent lots of time with my child. This place is really super! I am going to recommend it to all my son’s friends moms and dads! If your child is scare of the dentist or doctor visits, this is a great place to start. My kid left this place saying that it was the best dentist ever and he even talked about what flavors he is going to pick in 6 months!
– Melanie E.

We can’t recommend Dr. Keaney enough. From her bright, kid-friendly office, to her lovely chair-side manner, she’s made going to the dentist great fun for my 4- and 6- year old. She even enticed my daughter to stop her pacifier and finger sucking habits by rewarding her with Target gift cards. Arlington is lucky to have her!
– Greta M.

Dr. Keaney’s office is sparkling clean, bright and fun. Both she and her assistant are wonderful with children, putting my three year old immediately at ease. He sat in the chair by himself willingly and wasn’t the slightest bit afraid due to Dr. Keaney’s patient explanations of what she was doing at each step of the very quick but thorough exam. Given how much fun he had, in addition to all the goodies he went home with, I’m sure my son will be asking to go back to the dentist every day!
– Anonymous

Dr Keaney is wonderful- she is warm, friendly and makes my children feel comfortable from the moment they step through the door. Her office is bright, cheerful and full of kid friendly gadgets and toys. She makes going to the dentist a fun event in my house.
– Amanda W.

My daughter is happy and excited to go to the dentist now that we are with Dr. Keaney. What a pleasurable experience! The office is sunny, clean and beautiful . Almost as beautiful as Dr. Keaney herself!
– Anonymous

A great office with toys and iPads for kids and a and wonderful staff! I took my 13 month old son in for his first check up and teeth cleaning and Dr. Keaney and Her assistant, Sarah, were so patient, loving and kind. I was sure my son would be terrified and cry, but not a tear was shed. Thank you, Sarah and Dr. Keaney, we will see you again in 6 months!
-Natasha R.

This was our first visit to Dr. Keaney’s Office and it was one of the best experiences my 3 children and I have had. Dr. Keaney and her staff were prompt and helpful and provided clear advice for their dental care. The office was was very comfortable and modern. My son, who is often nervous at the dentist, was quickly at ease. Highly recommend!
– Michael R.

We had our 15 month old’s first dentist appointment today, and Dr. Keaney was fantastic! Very knowledgeable, great chair-side manner, and wonder with little ones. And her office is brightly colored and well-stocked with toys.
– Crystal Y.

Everything about Dr. Keaney and her office is wonderful! The clean, cheerful, kid-friendly environment and the friendly staff make my toddler’s appointment a pleasant experience. Dr. Keaney is extremely patient and has a great way of explaining what she’s doing and is able to get in and do what she has to do before any anxiety sets in. We look forward to our visits!
– Krista C.

My three year old daughter just had her first dental visit with Dr. Keaney, and it could not have gone any better! Dr. Keaney had fun names & explanations for each of her tools, and then let my daughter touch each one before doing anything in her mouth. She has a very gentle, engaging manner with kids and made my daughter feel so comfortable, while also discussing her findings & recommendations with me clearly. The TV on the ceiling above the exam chair with cartoons was a special treat & made the appointment fly by for my daughter! The office is beautiful, light-filled, and totally geared toward kids. We had a perfect first dentist visit and would recommend Dr. Keaney to anyone!
– Ruth S.

We switched from our former pediatric dentist (who was also great but hours didn’t work for us) to Dr. Keaney six months ago when my son was five. Today was our second seamless visit. My son adores her and couldn’t stop talking all day about how he was going to get to go visit her and her office. She is extremely competent, has terrific bed-side manner, takes time to listen and talk, and is very good at making sure children do not have a bad experience that could lead to life time issues with dentists. We appreciate that she isn’t judgmental but instead points out issues, explains how to fix them, and reiterates to children their role in oral health. She also has an absolutely gorgeous, immaculately clean, state-of-the-art, and extremely conveniently located office. We’ve been there twice and both times were seen right at the time of our appointment. I also appreciate that her office team utilizes text and email for reminders – which works best for me. We are very happy with our decision to switch to Dr. Keaney and recommend her practice without hesitation.
– Kristin P.

My daughters both saw Dr. Keaney for treatment of cavities. One daughter had her tooth pulled. Dr. Keaney was so adept at making my child feel comfortable and calm. I really could not believe how smoothly it went. Daughter #2 had two small cavities filled and again, it went much better than I could have hoped! We will now be seeing Dr. Keaney as our dentist!
– Margaret L.

Great visit for 2 toddler cavities! We had a wonderful first visit with Dr K. ( I’m related to 2 dentists so not easily impressed) Her office is very kid appropriate and inviting. My 3 yr old had a fantastic visit and she has amazing bedside manner. My only concern is how can we possibly find the same caliber dentist for after our kids grow up? I totally recommend taking your kids to see her.
– Pamela C.

We love our visits to Dr. Keaney. She is so great with our boys and they really look forward to going to the dentist. The office space is also great for entertaining little ones while they wait. Thanks Dr. Keaney!
– Jeanne M.

Thank you from both myself and my two daughters for such a welcoming first time visit . Professional and friendly from beginning to end . The girls felt comfortable from entering the cheery office to meeting Sarah and Dr. Keaney. All the extra touches such as the fun flavors of paste and fluoride, sunglasses, tv and prize and goody bag at the end of the visit added to the fun trip to the dentist! I would highly recommend Dr. Keaney’s practice.
– Linda F.

Dr. Keaney is the best! She has an amazing way with kids and knows just what makes them tick. She and her staff made my daughter feel completely comfortable while in her office. The office is beautiful and has great toys for kids of all ages. We can’t wait to go back again!
– Kim A.

We took my 2.5 year old to Dr. Keaney for the first time, but it was his second visit to a dentist. The office is really nice and Dr. Keaney was super nice and spent ample time with us. There is also a flat screen above the chairs so my son could watch Daniel Tiger during his cleaning. He got a prize at the end. We will definitely be going back.
– Caroline H.

So happy that Dr. K opened her own practice in Arlington. My son has been a patient of hers for over 10 years (in another practice) and we were happy to follow her to VA. Her new office is bright and welcoming and super clean. My son was also impressed that he got so much 1-on-1 attention directly from Dr Keaney. Highly recommend!
– Susan D.

It was great to come in for Ellie’s dental check up today. Dr. Keaney was fantastic. A wonderful experience. Ellie talked about how much fun she had at the dentist. Thank you!
– Jennifer S.

This was our second visit to Dr. Keaney’s office, and my kids (ages 6 and 4) were excited! The young lady behind the desk was great, and the waiting area is clean and fun. Dr. Keaney is a natural with children and parents alike; while my kids appreciated watching a television overhead as their teeth were examined and then earning a token to use in the toy vending machine, I appreciated the gentle way Dr. Keaney worked with them. She is approachable and kind, but also very knowledgeable and thorough. Looking forward to doing it again in 6 months!
– Jacelyn H.

Dr. Keaney was great with my 2 year old daughter. She was patient, professional and personable. She and her assistant took the time to explain and make her comfortable. Overall a great first dentist visit.

My 3 kids all had their first visit at dr keaney’s office today and it was a great experience. Dr keaney came out and spoke to me personally about each child, before and after seeing them. The entire office is warm, inviting, and super fun. my children left with a positive outlook and are excited to return. Thanks so much!
– Margaret B.

We were in the market for a new dentist as there was a misunderstanding regarding insurance with our previous dental provider. A friend highly recommended Dr. Keaney. I brought both kids this morning, what a great experience! Dr. Keaney is friendly and warm and provided excellent care. The support staff is very helpful and pleasant. My 8 yr old said “This is the best dentist I’ve ever been to.” We are customers for life.
– Andrea M.

We throughly enjoyed our time today with Dr. Keaney! My kids loved her office and really enjoyed talking with Dr. Keaney. She was very patient and listened to my kids concerns and stories 🙂 They are actually excited to go back and visit the dentist! What a relief!
– Hilary V.

We brought our very nervous four year old to Dr. Keaney’s office for the first time today. Previously, we saw another pediatric dentist and did not have a good experience. The experience with Dr. Keaney was so amazing that I wanted to cry from gratitude. Dr. Keaney really took her time with my son. She spoke to him at length until she understood the source of his fear and then she put him totally at ease. Through her patient, caring demeanor, she was able to perform a full exam and cleaning. In one visit she completely changed my son’s mind about going to the dentist. On the way to the appointment he was afraid and upset. As we were leaving the appointment, he asked me when he could have another visit with Dr. Keaney! If that isn’t an endorsement, I don’t know what is.
– Sawyer S.

Dr. Keaney cared for my 4 kids age 1-1/2 thru 5-1/2 during one afternoon with great kindness, focus, compassion, and skill. One child needed return care for 2 cavities, and even that son is a big fan of hers! She inspires trust & calm in little ones. Dr. Keaney juggled his concerns with her work beautifully. I’ve also been impressed with how responsive the medical & administrative team is – they were very understanding & patient with my questions as I double checked the necessity of treatments and technology choices with our former out-of -town pediatric dentist. As an added bonus, I’ve never seen a more child friendly & high tech waiting room – including built in ipads & a towering prize filled “gum ball machine.”
– Laura H

I am always so impressed with my visits to Dr Keaney! She is always willing to go the extra mile in explaining all of our treatment needs and answering all of our questions!
– Corrine

Dr Keaney is so nice and takes care of my teeth and sings frozen songs with me when i visit her. i love her so much! she is the best dentist ever.
– Aubree (7 yrs old)

Dr. Keaney is very nice and I liked her TVs on the ceiling!
– Sloane (5 yrs old)

We enjoyed our experience with Dr. Keaney from the moment we set foot in the door. The office is calming and inviting. My kids loved spending time with Dr. Keaney, and my youngest felt so comfortable she didn’t even ask to hold my hand! Dr. Keaney did an excellent job treating my kids.
– Tama

Dr. Keaney has a beautiful, clean and inviting office. She is great with the kiddos. My three year old’s first visit went more smoothly than I ever imagined.

As a busy mom of three young girls, going to the dentist is not always a fun or easy task—until we found Dr. Keaney’s office. My youngest had a dental emergency requiring prompt treatment and our old dental practice could not see her right away so we gave Dr. Keaney a try and we are so glad we did! My older two girls enjoyed her office so much they literally asked to switch to see Dr. Keaney themselves! Why? Because it is a not a waiting area but a play area for kids with iPads and toys. Her demeanor with my two-year-old got her to cooperate without a problem and we were in and out and better than new. Moms give your kids excellent care and yourself a break by going to Dr. Keaney!
– Carolyn F.

We left a popular peds practice in Falls Church City to come here. We switched for the convenience and have stayed because of Dr. Keaney and her efficient, flexible staff. Her inviting, light-filled, fun waiting room with toys, books, a dollhouse and iPads flows into a modern, pristine dental office where Dr. Keaney treats patients and their adults gently and with respect. Learn as a family about oral hygiene in a relaxed environment. Afterward kids are treated to dental goodie bags and a trip to her toy dispenser. We’re all looking forward to seeing her in six months.
– Shakti

Super happy parents, super happy child. One of the warmest, most welcoming dental experiences we have ever experienced! Looking forward to our next checkup!

Tooth Extractions for an 8 year old…6 of them at one time!
Dr. Keaney was a magician today. She made my 8 year old feel completely comfortable in what most would think is a distressing situation. Within 20 minutes he came out, no tears, all done. It was really amazing. Plus he got a Toby’s gift certificate. Her staff is so nice and she is just wonderful. Would recommend her a 1000 times. Thanks Dr. Keaney!

Last night I told my girls they were going to have dentist appointments this morning and they both cheered! Dr. Keaney is so warm and supportive and professional. My youngest daughter, who used to always want me to sit right next to her chair during her appointment, hardly notices I’m there ever since we started going to Dr. Keaney. Dr. Keaney takes the time to explain everything thoroughly to both me and my children. She’s fantastic!
– Jenny R.

My two and four year olds had appointments this morning with Dr. Keaney. Everything about it was pleasant and easy – she made them feel comfortable and they left in great moods. The office was nice and clean with fun toys to entertain the kids while we waited. I would recommend the practice!